Research Partnerships

Velocity Group is the only coaching firm to partner both with leading universities and venture capital firms to perform original research on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. If you are a researcher interested in gaining access to start-up founders to perform groundbreaking research, please contact us at


Growth Mindset in Start-up Founders

Working with Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset researcher and author of Mindset, we are investigating what effects having a Growth Mindset has on the performance and outcomes of entrepreneurs. Working with top VC firms and incubators like First Round Capital and Y Combinator, our research team interviewed over 140 founders and other entrepreneurs to measure their growth mindset and find any correlations with their mindset and their success. Final results are still be tabulated and will be released later in 2017. 


What do Successful CEOs Do to Gain Traction?

In partnership with Wildcat Venture Partners, Velocity Group is conducting primary research to determine exactly what strategies and tactics successful start-up CEOs employ to cross the "Traction Gap" -- that period of time between finding product-market-fit and achieving repeatable customer traction. There has been extensive research on what it takes to build a product, and even more on how to manage a firm that is scaling, but very little original research has been done on what companies must do to get to customer traction. We are releasing results later this year.


Strategic Partnerships

Velocity Group is proud to partner with these organizations to support companies and individuals through all stages and facets of executive growth. 


Ellig Group is an executive search firm with a focus on senior-level searches for C-Suite, divisional, and boardroom placements. Their mission is to build relationships for the long term success of their clients by providing outstanding attention, accessibility, and advice during all search engagements.

Additionally, their commitment to inclusion remains a differentiator, as diverse leadership teams make for the best, most innovative, and most successful organizations. Proudly motivated by reimagining search, 76% of their executive placements have been women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and veterans.