About Velocity

Velocity was built to bring top-tier executive coaching to founders. We know from research and experience that coaching on leadership and management skills is the quickest path to remarkable results for start-up founders. Read below to learn about our values, beliefs, and research. 


Our Core Values:

  • Commitment to Building Lasting Companies

  • Compassion for Founders and Their Struggles

  • Purpose is What Drives Us, not Just the Bottom-line

  • Discretion Regarding Our Clients’ Personal Information

  • Accountability and Exquisite Focus on Results for Client Companies

  • Courage to Say the Things that are Hard to Hear

  • Integrity to Work with Companies that Make a Positive Impact

  • Authenticity to Help Our Clients Be the Best Versions of Themselves



We Believe:

  • You CAN Grow Your Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence

  • Accountability is a Core Ingredient of Success

  • Technology will help us Unlock Greater Human Potential

  • Our Authentic Selves are our Most Effective Selves

  • Both Data and Intuition are Required to Achieve Insight



Our Research:

Velocity provides a platform for institutions to do meaningful research on startups. We work closely with researchers to design new research project, and either provide access to startups or perform the primary research ourselves. Together, we co-publish results. Learn more.

We are currently partnering with: